One-Size Trifold - Bare + Boho

Bare and Boho

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Designed to offer ultra boosting potential for super-heavy-wetters if they require a dedicated night option to get their nappy lasting through to morning.

Once folded, the Night Booster offers 9 layers of premium bamboo-cotton fleece, offering a soft, yet ultra-absorbent padding.

Simply fold as per the stitching lines, and use the snaps on top and base of trifold for reference. Trifold can be snapped directly to the shell lining and underneath our regular cloth inserts.

Alternatively, for ultra heavy wetters, the trifold can be sandwiched in between both our regular insert and regular cloth booster, and snapped accordingly. Due to the folds, drying is quick and easy!

Designed to fit our OSFM nappies: 4-18kg weight range.

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