Getting started with Cloth Nappies

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Starting out? New to using Modern Cloth Nappies? When it comes to cloth there’s a few basics you might want to organise in addition to your new nappy stash- including your wash routine.

For Full time nappy use, you will need:

  • 20-25 Day Nappies if full time (more if you want to wash less often)
  • 5 Night Nappies or boosting inserts to bulk day Nappies 
  • Biodegradable Nappy Liners (optional)
  • 15-25 Cloth Baby Wipes
  • Manufacturer Recommended Detergent or pre soak.
  • Large dry pail
  • small container for used nappy liners
  • Nappy Change Mat/table for home
  • Portable Change Mat and Nappy Bag for when out and about
  • spatula or silicone scrubbing brush (helps to remove poo when not using liners)

You will also need to work out a wash routine, this may seem daunting but it’s not, with the help of the ladies at Clean Cloth Nappies (they have a Facebook group too that’s worth joining) they’ve work it all out for you, the main elements of the wash routine are detergent choice, removing soiling, pre-wash, main-wash and drying.

Photo Cred: Clean Cloth Nappies

Our method at home is:

  • wash/rinse nappies daily, removing poo with silicone brush and stains with Sard bar soap
  • store in Dry pail until main wash day (every 3rd day)
  • Hot wash, main wash, using a scoop of Omo ultimate or biozet 
  • repeat hot wash with no detergent
  • hang nappys and inserts to air dry, using a dryer for inserts if inserts fail to dry after a few days
  • stuff nappies and store for next use

We recommend writing out your wash routine and hanging it near the washing machine, that way if your partner or other family members want to help out they can follow the directions.

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